All of our music is licensed under Creative Commons

We are currently in the studio recording unreleased songs. It has changed that we decided to release a full-length LP instead of a 4-then-6 release. We're thinking we'll be done with the album by mid September or October. If you want a sneak peak, go watch our band practice in the middle of this page.

Grab these new/old re-released - remixed and remastered tracks.

Licensing our music

If you are interested in using our music for your projects, contact Andrew at

New Album Recording Status

One song at a time seems easy now that we are recording 10 songs simultaneously. We will stop saying when the album will be *done* but we project sometime by the end of this year. As well, available studio time is becoming scarce.

We're now done tracking the drums and foundation vocal and guitar for 10 songs. We only have bass, guitar, and additional production left to be tracked.

  1. Go For It - Done 100%
  2. Totem - Done 80%
  3. Alone All Along - Done 85%
  4. The Plan - Done 70%
  5. Take My Advice - Done 70%
  6. We Care - Done 70%
  7. Get Away From Me - Done 20%
  8. Think Twice - 50%
  9. Not Over yet - 50%
  10. Frozen - 40%